2013 Expansion


We just completed back to back weekends of hops yard expansion for our North Carolina Hops Yard and our Virginia Hops Yard. Very labor intensive indeed. With a lot of heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, swinging, sliding and any other descriptive wording related to farm labor, we nearly have the job done. Just a few more poles to set.

For those of you not familiar with hops yards, you need a very tall trellis system to max out your harvest each year. We harvest downed, dead and or dying cedar trees and cut them to lengths of 19’6″. After hauling these behemoths from the forest to the yard, we then have to set them. Doing so requires a good 3 to 4 foot hole. We meet in the middle and set them 3’6″. So by the end these suckers are standing 16 feet tall, towering over the fields of our farms. We walk these guys to a standing position and set them. This uses every muscle in your body. It hurts, it burns, it aches and it rewards us. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing that thud sound when a pole sets itself properly 3’6″ into the ground. Pack and tamp the ground around the pole and you’re done…for that pole, only a handful more to go. By days end, the body is worn, hands cramped and covered in sap, dirt and blood. Is it worth it we ask ourselves? Hell yes it is! We love what we do and we look forward to each year we can expand.

With this years rhizomes as well as plant stock grown in a greenhouse at the VA yard, we will have almost tripled our numbers from last season. Something in which we never dreamed of.

For the 2013 season, Piedmont Hops is proudly growing over an estimated 200 hops.
85 Cascade
38 Chinook
48 Nugget
27 Columbus
10 Sterling (test variety in NC)
4 Centennial (test variety in VA)


Thank you for reading and following along as we grow. We appreciate the support.

David Goode

Steve Brown

Piedmont Hops, LLC

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