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Good Bottle Co. 10-23-13 Piedmont Harvest Ale

We will be at Good Bottle Co for a special tasting of Starpoint Brewing Piedmont Harvest Ale. Tim at Starpoint brewed this exceptional seasonal ale using fresh Cascade and Chinook hops from our farms. These hops were exceptionally fresh and used within hours of picking.  Come try a pint or two with us.

Where: Good Bottle Co.  125 Remount Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211

When: 10-23-13 at 5:30pm

Check here for event details.

See you in Charlotte!

Good Bottle Co.

Thank You For Your Support

We would like to thank everyone who helped support us this season with their purchase of hops, rhizomes and plants. We had a very successful 2nd year and we look forward to the years ahead. We greatly appreciate your loyal support.


Thank you to all who purchased rhizomes and plants this spring. We hope they did well for you and produced some cones.


Huguenot Hops, LLC – Thank you for purchasing plant stock from us and working with us. We have enjoyed seeing your progress.


NC and VA Breweries

A big thank you for your support. We appreciate your willingness to buy local hops and support your local farms. It shows in your product. We thank you!

Haw River Farmhouse Ales– Fresh hops in a small batch

Steel String– Wet Nugget hops for a cask

Starpoint Brewing– Wet Cascade and Chinook hops for a harvest ale

Legend Brewing– Wet Nugget hops for casks and firkins

Hardywood Park– Wet Nugget and Cascade as part of the hops bill in their RVA IPA. Thank you Brian for taking the time to stop by our farm and check out the operation.


Thanks to MASH- Mentoring Advanced Standards in Homebrewing for having us for a discussion on hops growing and production.

Thank you to Richmond Bizsense for taking the time to write an article on our small farm in VA.

Thank you to Virginia Cooperative Extensions for a wonderful write up on our VA farm as well as the discussions of the future of hops in VA.

Thank you to 1000 Suns Aromatics and Botanicals for purchasing dried Chinook for aromatic products.

Thanks to Beagles BBQ for supplying food on harvest day as well as working with us on future food products with our hops.


Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers this season. Without you guys, harvesting hops would have been a daunting task. If you are interested in volunteering with us please go to the I Want to Volunteer link below and send us an email. Simply add that you are interested in volunteering with Piedmont Hops.


I Want to Volunteer


Thank you for supporting your local hops farm. We are already excited about next season and have our expansion plans set in place. We cant wait to share what we are doing for 2014.


David Goode and Steve Brown




Harvest Time For Starpoint Brewing

All the long hours, the cuts, scrapes, bruises and hops rashes the we have inquired through out the season are about to pay off. We have done our fair share of weed pulling, trellis adjusting, and planting for the season. We have strung the bines, stripped the bines, untangled bines, and re strung bines. We have taken countless photos and videos to document our seasons growth. We have contacted professionals for help and we have helped other as well. We would love to sit back and relax this weekend, but we have harvesting to do.

We will be harvesting Chinook and Cascade at the NC yard and Chinook from our VA yard. The VA hops will be driven to the NC yard and placed in the walk in cooler there. We will package and then deliver these beautiful cones to Starpoint Brewing on Sunday morning. Starpoint is located in Carrboro, NC just a few miles from our yard. They specialize in hop forward beer styles. What will they brew? Who knows. From what we have sampled, it is sure to be good.

Look for our hops in a Starpoint ale soon. We can’t wait to get our hands on a pint or two.

Follow Starpoint



We have something up our sleeves for the following weekend as well. More details coming soon.



How to Determine Moisture Content for Harvest Analysis

To easily determine the current moisture content of your hops, there is a simple formula to use. First, you will need a scale that measures grams. The smaller the increment of measure the better. If you have a scale that measures in 1/10th grams, even better.

Steps 1- Harvest cones randomly throughout your yard of one variety. You want to get at least 150 grams.

Step 2- Measure the cones in grams and write this number down.

Step 3- Dry the cones over night in a food dehydrator. Do not exceed 140 degrees. Measure the weight in the morning and continue drying. Measure again until you have the same weight consistently. Once the weight no longer decreases, stop the drying process.

Step 4- Take a measurement in grams and write this down.

Step 5- Math.

Wet weight – dry weight = X
X ➗ wet weight = moisture content.

So lets say we harvest 150 grams. We dry them down to 31 grams.

150-31= 119

119 ➗ 150 = .793333 or 79.3% moisture.

We now know the moisture content is 79.3% and the dry matter is 20.7%

Research has show that hops will gain about 1% dry matter per 5-7 days. So if you are looking to harvest at 20% dry matter and your dry matter is 17%, you can do some quick math and figure when prime harvest is.

Cheers and happy harvest!

Thank You For Your Support

As the 2012 hops season comes to an end, we begin our planning phase for 2013.  We learned, discovered, created, failed, taught and succeeded throughout the season.  With success in our first year, 2013 looks to be just as exciting.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and interest in our vision.  We would like to thank Howard Covington for his quality rhizomes from his hops farm in NC.  A much appreciated logo and website was designed by the guys at Provis Media Group.   A special thank you to Ben at Haw River Farmhouse Ales for our first brewery hops delivery.  Thanks Ben for the support!  Thanks to Jonathan and Dan for the help with trellis construction.  Dan, Sarah and Kathryn we thank you for helping with the harvest in VA.  A big thank you to all you guys and gals out there in Social Media land.  We appreciate you following us on Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter.  Most importantly, a huge THANK YOU to our families at Peaceful River Farms and Swift Creek Berry Farm for the land to grow on.  With out you guys, none of this would be possible.

Thank you all for a wonderful first year.  We look forward to the many years ahead growing hops in Virginia and North Carolina.


Much appreciation,

David Goode and Steve Brown.



The Virginia Farm

Piedmont Hops is located in Virginia and North Carolina.  We are lucky enough to have family that own enough spare land to help us get up and running.  The Virginia farm sparked the idea of growing hops commercially.  David began growing his own hops for home brewing in the spring of 2011.  He saw instant success with a few small harvest of Cascade and Chinook.  So a larger plan was set in place and Swift Creek Berry Farm and Greenhouse had just the spot.

Our Virginia farm resides at Swift Creek Berry Farm and Greenhouse.  The farm is located about 15 miles south of Richmond in Moseley, VA.  Swift Creek Berry Farm is owned and operated by David’s family.  David works the farm full time and tends to the hops during lunch breaks and on the weekends.   The farm is quite busy all year.  From late January they are prepping the greenhouses with thousands of  annuals and hanging baskets for their greenhouse market, whole sale clients and landscapers.  Greenhouse season ends around late May to early June.  Sometime around mid/late June, their blueberry season begins.  They have a 12 acre pick your own blueberry farm.  They began growing and picking blueberries in the mid 80’s.  Swift Creek Berry Farm has become one of Virginia’s largest pick your own blueberry operations.  As soon as the fruit season ends, they are back at the greenhouses prepping 30,000 to 40,000 pansies for their fall crop.  As well as pansies they grow pumpkins and gourds for their fall pumpkin patch. From then on till January they split and delivery firewood to the surrounding RVA.

Our hops are located on an old blueberry field that did not see success.  We worked the old raised beds, tapped into the irrigation lines, constructed the trellis and adjusted the pH. We were very excited to be able to put the old field back into good use.  The hops yard sits at the edge of a successful blueberry field and rolls down a slopping hillside.  On early spring mornings, you can hear the turkeys gobble.  In the summer, if you are really lucky, you may hear a few quail singing.

So, thanks to the guys at Swift Creek Berry Farm and Greenhouse for giving us the opportunity to grow hops in VA.  With out you, your willingness to donate land and your endless supply of equipment, this project would not be possible.  Piedmont Hops thanks you!

Look for a future article on our other location at Peaceful River Farms located in North Carolina.


Thank you for reading,

David and Steve

Piedmont Hops



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