Farmers Helping Farmers

We would like to take a moment to thank all the volunteers that helped us pick 33 pounds of fresh hops. These hops helped fill two orders. One to Starpoint and another to Hardywood Park. Without the help of our volunteers none of this would have been possible.

In NC, we had help from our host farm, Peaceful River Farm. Lee and Larry the owners spent time with us harvesting along with Steves wife, Kathryn. They supplied picking containers as well as cold storage for our hops. We were able to keep them overnight in their walk in cooler. Catherine of Durham Urban Bee Project stopped in to help pick hops as well. We brought in a few VA hops to round off the order. We went back out Sunday morning and picked a pound of Nugget hops for Steel String for a special cask.

Farmers helping farmers.


In VA, we had help picking Cascade and Nugget from another hops farm. Huguenot Hops, LLC is located just 15 minutes from our VA yard. They were kind enough to stop in and spend the afternoon picking hops with us. They took time out from their own harvest to help us out. Josh from Beagles BBQ stopped in as well to help pick. We had a wonderful feast of local BBQ from Beagle BBQ and some superb homebrews from Devon of Huguenot Hops. It was very difficult to get back on the ladders to pick after such a meal. We did and finished up the harvest in about 3 hours. We have established a wonderful working relationship with Huguenot Hops.

Farmers helping farmers.

We will continue to establish working relationships with other farms regardless of what they grow. Working with other hops farms is very important to us as well. We feel that doing so will help the longevity of hops in NC and VA.

All the hops harvested on Saturday were delivered to Hardywood Park as part of their RVA IPA. Our 16-17 pounds is miniscule compared to the overall total.  See photo below.






Harvesting for Hardywood Park




Chinook and Cascade for Stapoint



14 pounds of Cascade for Hardywood Park

Below is a nice shot of all the hops that went into the RVA IPA from Hardywood Park. Nearly 45 pounds of mixed varieties were donated by local home growers to the making of this seasonal IPA. The rest of the hops were sourced from large and small farms like ourselves. Check back with Hardywood on the availability of this beer.  We were glad to be part of this special brew. It was wonderful seeing all the local folks donating such beautiful cones. Man that’s a lot of hops.


45 pounds of these hops were donated by numerous folks of Richmond, VA. Photo credit to Hardywood Park


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