The Future at Piedmont Hops

Piedmont hops started as a small scale hops operation.  We are located in two separate states.  The NC yard is located at Peaceful River Farm just outside of Chapel Hill and the VA yard is located at Swift Creek Berry Farm and Greenhouse just south of Richmond.  We started small for several reason, but looking back, we wish we had gone just a bit further in our operation.  So what does one do?  Plant more hops of course!

For the 2013 season, we have some big plans in store.  We are going to double our Cascade production.  Cascade is the workhorse hop for most brewers of fine Pale Ales and IPA’s.  We noticed the need and we are going to respond. Not only are we going to double the Cascade, we are going to do the same for our Nugget and Chinook.  There is very little supply of hops in NC and VA, and the high alpha acid varieties are growing in demand.  With that demand on the rise, we are going to plant 2 new varieties in the high alpha range.  We tested Columbus and Centennial in the VA yard.  Columbus did great and Centennial passed the test.   We will plant 20+ of each variety in both yards.  Our final gut instinct is to plant a Noble hops varieties as well.  We plan to test some Hallertau?  Those are the plans for the 2013 season.  We cant wait to get started.  As a matter of fact, the VA yard is being prepped at this very moment.

Cheers and stay bitter!

David and Steve





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