Harvest Time For Starpoint Brewing

All the long hours, the cuts, scrapes, bruises and hops rashes the we have inquired through out the season are about to pay off. We have done our fair share of weed pulling, trellis adjusting, and planting for the season. We have strung the bines, stripped the bines, untangled bines, and re strung bines. We have taken countless photos and videos to document our seasons growth. We have contacted professionals for help and we have helped other as well. We would love to sit back and relax this weekend, but we have harvesting to do.

We will be harvesting Chinook and Cascade at the NC yard and Chinook from our VA yard. The VA hops will be driven to the NC yard and placed in the walk in cooler there. We will package and then deliver these beautiful cones to Starpoint Brewing on Sunday morning. Starpoint is located in Carrboro, NC just a few miles from our yard. They specialize in hop forward beer styles. What will they brew? Who knows. From what we have sampled, it is sure to be good.

Look for our hops in a Starpoint ale soon. We can’t wait to get our hands on a pint or two.

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We have something up our sleeves for the following weekend as well. More details coming soon.



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