We specialize in growing hops for fresh hopped ales. Using hops straight from the bine into the kettle is a unique experience for the grower, brewer and beverage drinker. Our hops have strong aromas and unique qualities.

We grow our hops on a 17 ft trellis made of cedar poles harvested off our farms in NC and VA. We occasionally source poles from local farms if needed. We grow our hops on raised beds using drip irrigation. We use organic practices and clean farming techniques to grow our hops. We are not certified organic, nor do we intend to. It is just a peace of mind knowing that our hops are clean and a quality product is provided for our clients.We have our hops tested for oil content and alpha and bets levels. Hops grown in our region are subtly different than hops grown out west. The terroir makes all the difference. Our locations can produce a hop with different aroma and flavoring characteristics as well as levels of alpha and beta acids. Contact us and find out for yourself how hops from Piedmont Hops can make a difference in your next brew.


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