Reduce Reuse Recycle

We recently received a phone call in regards to contacting local breweries for the use of their spent grains for our raised beds as compost and weed control.  We contacted Eric, of Hardywood Park and they were kind enough to offer some grains.  Unfortunately, we have not had time to make the trip into Richmond to pick any up.  However, we got in touch with a very local venue for our grain needs.

Extra Billys Smokehouse and Brewery just south of Richmond, VA has decided to revamp their brewery.  They hired a new brewer, Brandon Tolbert.  We were able to get in touch with Brandon and a quick grain pick up was underway.  We scooped up few trash cans worth of heavy, wet grains and hauled them off to our hops yard in Chesterfield, VA.  Brandon has been kind enough to call us anytime grains are available.  He called recently with the opportunity to pick up dry grains (past expiration).  We picked up the expired dry grains and used those as well.  Some of which (400 lbs) we delivered to the folks at Broadfork Farm.  They are going to be using some dry grains for chicken feed.  The rest are being spread over the Cascade, Chinook and Nugget rows here in VA.

With the simple formula of Reduce Reuse Recycle, many people benefited from the grain pickup.  Brandon didn’t have to haul them away, we were able to find some compost and manage weeds and some chickens were fed some delicious Chocolate Malts.  Its not everyday chickens get to eat chocolate malt.

So, thank you Brandon for the grains and here is to Reducing, Reusing and Recycling!


Thank you for reading,

David and Steve


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Grains headed to Broadfork Farm


Spent grains over Cascade beds


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