Thank You For Your Support

We would like to thank everyone who helped support us this season with their purchase of hops, rhizomes and plants. We had a very successful 2nd year and we look forward to the years ahead. We greatly appreciate your loyal support.


Thank you to all who purchased rhizomes and plants this spring. We hope they did well for you and produced some cones.


Huguenot Hops, LLC – Thank you for purchasing plant stock from us and working with us. We have enjoyed seeing your progress.


NC and VA Breweries

A big thank you for your support. We appreciate your willingness to buy local hops and support your local farms. It shows in your product. We thank you!

Haw River Farmhouse Ales– Fresh hops in a small batch

Steel String– Wet Nugget hops for a cask

Starpoint Brewing– Wet Cascade and Chinook hops for a harvest ale

Legend Brewing– Wet Nugget hops for casks and firkins

Hardywood Park– Wet Nugget and Cascade as part of the hops bill in their RVA IPA. Thank you Brian for taking the time to stop by our farm and check out the operation.


Thanks to MASH- Mentoring Advanced Standards in Homebrewing for having us for a discussion on hops growing and production.

Thank you to Richmond Bizsense for taking the time to write an article on our small farm in VA.

Thank you to Virginia Cooperative Extensions for a wonderful write up on our VA farm as well as the discussions of the future of hops in VA.

Thank you to 1000 Suns Aromatics and Botanicals for purchasing dried Chinook for aromatic products.

Thanks to Beagles BBQ for supplying food on harvest day as well as working with us on future food products with our hops.


Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers this season. Without you guys, harvesting hops would have been a daunting task. If you are interested in volunteering with us please go to the I Want to Volunteer link below and send us an email. Simply add that you are interested in volunteering with Piedmont Hops.


I Want to Volunteer


Thank you for supporting your local hops farm. We are already excited about next season and have our expansion plans set in place. We cant wait to share what we are doing for 2014.


David Goode and Steve Brown




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