Welcome to Piedmont Hops, your source for quality grown hops since 2012. We grow one of the key ingredients in beer.  Hops provide bitterness, flavors and aromas.  Our hops are grown in North Carolina and Virginia. We grow hops responsibly, with the use of organic materials, organic fertilizers and other natural farming practices. With a focus on using natural farming products and minimizing environmental impacts, you can feel confident when brewing with our hops.

“We simply want to supply the goodness”

David Goode & Steve Brown- Piedmont Hops, LLC



Floral citrus like notes with hints of grapefruit. Alpha Acid range from 4.5-7.0%. Dual purpose for bittering and aroma. Great for dry hopping. Release date 1972.
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Medium intensity spicy and piney hop. Dual purpose for bittering and aroma. Subtle notes of grapefruit. Alpha Acid range of 12.0-14.0%. Release date 1985.
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NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION Bittering hop. Has a mild and pleasant herbal aroma. Alpha Acid range from 12.0-14.5%. Nugget is the 2nd largest grown variety in Oregon.
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