We farm.

We home brew.

We drink craft beer.

Piedmont Hops started as a hobby for personal home brewing needs.  Very quickly, a few plants turned into 70 plants.  70 plants turned into 700 plants of 4 different varieties.  There is a need for locally grown hops and we responded to that need. In 2012, an LLC was formed. Piedmont Hops was established to help supply craft brewers with a quality hand picked hop, something that most brewers in VA and NC just don’t see.

The Virginia farm is currently recognized as a “Virginia Grown” product. Buy, source and support your local farms regardless of the State.

Our Virginia farm is nestled in the fields of Moseley, VA. What once was a declining blueberry field has now become a thriving hops yard. From sourcing dead cedar for poles from deep within the family property, tapping into the pond irrigation system, re-purposing old irrigation lines to utilizing the original raised beds,the VA field has a minimal environmental impact. The farm continues to grow naturally with the use of organic fertilizers and natural farming practices.

Just off the banks of the Haw River in NC sits another yard which sets its roots on the Haws’ 100 year flood plain. A mirror image and practice, this yard utilizes natural practices and minimizes environmental impacts. With the use of cover crops and soil amendments, this yard has thrived with quality cones and superior oil content.

Piedmont Hops is current members of the Old Dominion Hops Cooperative and the North East Hops Alliance. The Old Dominion Hops Cooperative is currently the lower east coasts only established hop growing entity. The cooperative, although Virginia based, has members ranging from Delaware down to North Carolina. We are proud members and attend meetings regularly. We encourage you to join as well if you are a grower.

We have a strong passion for craft beer and agriculture. These two elements have formed into a term we use as “craft agriculture”.

If you are a brewer and would like more information on our hops and what we do, please feel free to shoot us an email. We can set up a tour date as well if you would like to visit. We have visitors throughout the year, even in the non growing season. Visit our Contacts page to get started. We love talking hops and craft beer.

“We simply want to supply the goodness”



David Goode- VA


Steve Brown- NC



David and Steve of Piedmont Hops (2012)

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