NC Hops Yard Expansion

We have big plans for both our hops yards this season. But we are really excited about what we have in store for our North Carolina hops yard. An overhaul is in store.

Last season in NC we were not able to source enough poles to finish the yard as we wanted. We ended up using metal piping for a pole substitute. They worked great, but ultimately, cedar is what we would like to use. We have sourced some local cedar poles and will be replacing the metal pipes. We will be adding more rows and potentially adding a few Columbus.

We have seen potential water issues where we have our plants. The water does not drain as well as expected and we hope to remedy that. Our plan is to build larger raised beds as well as a channel for the water to flow away from the plants. This should help drastically in water standing on the roots of the crowns.

As we work the NC yard and get it just how we like it, look for opportunities to visit. We have plans for open house days in NC as well as VA.

We love what we do. We look forward to the season of hard labors that are heading our way sooner than later. Digging holes, running cable, setting poles and working the soil are all part of what we love about growing hops. However, the best part is all the wonderful people we have met along the way. The brewing community is like no other.

Thank you for your support in North Carolina and Virginia. We appreciate every ounce of it.

David Goode
Steve Brown

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